Our Mission

We exist to ensure Family Farmers and Vets have the opportunity to thrive in the industrial hemp industry. SOL Farms will provide services throughout the fulfillment pipeline at a cost + price to existing Co Ops, farmers and hemp farms.

Our Portal will support full seed to sale services, education, information, collaboration, social interaction and more. Hemp stakeholders will be able to manage their own farms, projects, brands and products, via integrated e-commerce, team management tools, calendars, tasks, document share, integrated accounting and more.

The SFA will also create national awareness (TV, radio, web) covering all participating brands, to ensure people understand that supporting SOL Farms, means they are backing America’s Farmers, instead of Big Pharma and Big Ag.

The focus of the Alliance is to ensure each hemp producing state has a seat at the table, in the form of State Ambassadors. The chosen experts will serve as board members with the SOL Farms Alliance and represent the entire hemp program on behalf of their entire state. The state-level exercises, can exist in parallel to any other state-based legislative framework and work to create a synergistic partnership that empowers the farmers and hence, the state.

The stories will resonate on levels that create Awareness, Advocacy and Adoption, from consumers, potential partners, industrial manufacturers and legislators. These defined traction-based initiatives will segue into local, state and national lobbying efforts, that create highly influential positions for family farmers.